Better Performance From A Cold Air Intake

A simple and relatively inexpensive way for any car buff to get lots more power out of his or her ride is to install a cold air intake system.

A cold air intake is designed to reduce the temperature of air entering a vehicle to maximize the engine's power.

The final result is your car performs better, saves you money on fuel, and produces a pleasant sounding intake tone. Moreover, a cold air intake will always improve the look of a car, truck or 4X4 vehicle's engine bay. What's more, to install a cold air intake system isn't really that a difficult job at all to do and accomplish. You can easily do it yourself (DIY).

The pluses of installing a cold air intake.

  • More Power.
  • Denser, colder air makes you engine work better.
  • More efficient running engine.
  • Better Fuel Economy.

The lower the temperature of the air entering your engine, the more efficient it runs. If an engine could actually speak to you it'd say, 'feed me MORE cold air.' By installing a cold air intake on your car you give your engine what it really wants. The result of course, is more horsepower and torque as your engine taps into power that would have otherwise have gone to waste.

There's an error that some people often make when they talk about performance "add on" engine parts. Many power enhancements will actually increase fuel mileage, but they do not reduce it. An efficiently operating motor vehicle engine uses much less fuel, and a cold air intake delivers better overall fuel economy because the engine doesn't have to work nearly as hard.

Greater efficiency equals better fuel mileage!

Plus... it looks great. Just open up your car's engine bay for everbody to see and you'll get plenty of positive feedback about the colorful air intake system. Cold air intakes come in a variety of colors and some have paintable surfaces for special customization. In addition, a cold air intake produces a throaty intake tone when traveling around town or while moving down the highway.

Types available There's several good brands available in the marketplace producing cold air intake systems. However, you NEED to determine the right part for your particular make and model. Top selling brands are AEM Cold Air Intake, K&N; Intake, Volant Air Intake, and Injen as they are some of the most noteworthy intakes for the at-home mechanic. For the BEST selection and the lowest prices, always shop with a reputable car parts store or online wholesaler. Why not purchase your own cold air intake system and reap the many rewards it offers. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding brake problems display several signs.