Cold Weather Driving Tips

Black ice is the major cause of many accidents each year. If the temperature falls below 32 degrees ice may blanket the road even if it's not immediately visible.

One way to check if icy road conditions are likely is to... check the mirrors of your vehicle. Touch the glass and if a thin layer of ice is present, the roads may be icy.

When driving in slushy snow or on icy roads, try to stay near the edge of the road as much as possible. Extra salt and cinders get brushed to side of the road with every passing car. You will find better traction by staying near the edge of the road and if you lose control, you will not careen wildly before coming to a stop.

Do not drive in the tire tracks of others. Heavy vehicles passing repeatedly over the same spot will compact the snow and the heat from the passing tires will melt the uppermost layer, creating a crust of ice as it cools over the compacted snow.

Try and make fresh tracks to keep better traction and avoid icy patches hidden under snowy tracks. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding common computer trouble codes.