Expert Tips About Car Brakes

Modern race cars need good brakes. So too DO modern cars that you drive on a daily basis.

Brakes will allow you to drive safer. High performance brakes have improved tremendously over the years with Formula 1 and GT leading the way using the latest carbon/carbon brake technology.

The Formula One world champion, Mika Hakkinen, once was quoted saying:

"The most important thing in a sports car is not the engine but the brakes"

Brake Pad Notes

Brake pads typically wear more on their leading edges. Side point: High end multi-piston racing calipers have smaller pistons on the front going to larger pistons on the back of the caliper to even out brake pad wear. Pad break-in or bedding: always break-in according to the manufactures recommendations.

Fluid Notes:

Always use a high grade brake fluid and a brand that adheres to the manufactures recommendations. Use a DOT 4 with the highest boiling temperature that is available. Limit the exposure to the atmosphere because brake fluid has a tendercy to absorb moisture and water. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding expert tips about hail damage.