Auto Collision Repair

So, you were referred to the auto repair shop by your insurance company. Here is why: (1) The shop has an arangement with the insurance company. (2) The insurance company has a vested interest in making sure repairs are as cheap as possible.

Questions that would typically be directed to the car owner, like "should we fix this wiring while we're at it?", or "hey, did this happen in the accident?" will be directed to the insurance company and not the customer. Thus the car owner is left out of the loop so to speak.

The repair shop is dirty or unorganized. A good body repair shop should be clean and organized. Remember a dirty and unorganized shop is usually one that's used to cutting corners to save money. So you should watch out for the above things especially when you have to choose a body repair shop because you're car has been damaged.

But what if your car vehicle is already at a repair shop that the insurance company referred you to? Don't panic, here are some things that you can do that will help you keep the shop honest.

Ask the repair shop manager to provide you with a copy of all the invoices for parts they had to purchase to fix your car. Then you compare the parts list with the cost listed on the insurance company estimate.

Written repair guarantee

Ask the repair shop if they are a direct repair facility for more than one insurance company (just by asking this question will make them think twice about cutting a corner at your expense). If they are, ask them for to hand you a written list.

This is a tough one to ake but you need to ask if they've used new Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM), used OEM parts, or aftermarket parts.

Ask the repair shop to explain "betterment" to you, just because you are curious. This of course, is just to let them know that you are reading up on the repair process.

In conclusion, be curious, give yourself a chance to be in the loop. A customer who actively asks questions and curious about what is going on will help to keep the shop honest and on their toes.

If you still think the repair shop is not treating you right then probably its best for you to seek professional help and to check out the repairs after they are complete. Remember that a professional shop should be able to repair your vehicle so that it's within the original factory specifications. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding how to adjust your car headlights.