How to Choose a Mechanic

Is one mechanic better than another you may say?

The answer: Yes! You need to look for a mechanic that display various State certifications. For example: An Automotive Service Excellence seal.

Certification does give you some sort of indication that one or all of the mechanics and electrical technicians meet the standard standards. And that they have the knowledge and competence in specific technical areas.

Finding a licensed mechanic

Make sure that the certifications are up-to-date, but remember that certification alone is not a 100% guarantee of good or honest workmanship. Side point:Find out if the mechanic or technician has had any experience working on the same make or model of car as yours. Before you go ahead and choose a mechanic do a little research first, and it will pay off for you both now and with future car services and repairs. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding how to choose an auto repair shop.