How To Fix a Blown Head Gasket

A blown head gasket can be a costly repair any way you look at it, but there are some ways to make sure you get the most value out of your repair.

The very first thing you need to do is to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Then, find a reputable dealership or repair shop to handle the repair, preferably one that has a lot of experience in engine rebuilds and head gasket repair.

Warping of the heads

Then, with the tips following, be sure to ask a few key questions to make sure the repair is done correctly. Experiencing higher tempatures can quickly damage an engine by causing warping of the heads or the block, or even cracking. The sooner the engine is stopped after realizing the head gasket is blown, the better the chances of rebuilding the top end without major consequences. The mechanic or auto shop that performs the rebuild should know to check for warping of the block surface, the head surface, and to check for cracks in the head.

These checks may cost a little more, but the consequences can be much more costly in the end if they are not checked. If the block is slightly warped, do ahead and have it flattened; if the head needs to be repaired, it can be decked to get the surface straight again.

If the head is actually cracked it will more than likely need replacing. However, some mechanics have had success welding and repairing them. It really all depends on the ability and experience of the mechanic that is working on your car.

Find the location of the crack

After all of the parts are cleaned and/or repaired, its time to have it assembled. Most shops will know to torque the heads down to specs, and to use all new studs on the head. This helps make sure that the head is fastened on securely.

Using the old studs can create a situation where the head is not properly torqued because the studs will stretch when they are torques. Old stud have already been stretched, so the torque value will be different than a new stud.

Head gasket repair

You can see the difference in the treads if you hold the two studs up together. These are a few things to look out for when having a head gasket repaired.

You can look to spend between $1,200 and $2,000 depending on how much work needs to be done. Don't make the mistake in paying a discounted price any winding-up with less experienced workmanship. The results will oftentimes cost you more. You can find helpful advice on how to fix power windows.