Make a Car Battery Last Longer

Here are several excellent tips for making a car battery last longer. Make maintenance a routine. To maintain the battery's state of charge, you need to charge and recharge the battery often.The depth of battery discharge must be reduced to avoid worn out. Do not overcharge battery. It could result in power loss. When your car battery reaches at say around 80% state of charge, you need to recharge it so as to prevent it from sulfation.

Sulfation is a nasty process of getting crystals in the metal plates within the battery, thereby decreasing its power and performance. If at all possible, its better to use a switch to disconnect it from other car appliances that drain energy, Nevertheless, this could result in the need to reset the car's clock, and other electrical items in the car which depend on the battery. Always consult with a certified electrical technician first. 10.5 Volt is the limit for allowing it to be discharged. Make cerain its no less than that. Always pour water in the battery after charging and not before.

Do not overheat the battery. Something you shold NEVER do! While charging your car battery place the vent caps on battery to prevent water loss and gassing. Always recycle the lead and plastic and/or the complete battery once its life is over. You can find helpful on how to make an engine last longer.