Preventing Tire Failure

There is a serious and preventable tire condition that could even kill or cripple you and harm other occupants of your car. And it can even happen on brand new tires.

Have you ever seen a car tire that had what looks like a bubble formation on its side wall? It actually looks like the tire has actually exploded.

Imagine what could happen if a tire's sidewall completely fails. If this ever occured (say while you're a passenger in another persons car) which direction do you think the car would head?

To answer that question, let's imagine that you are on a four lane freeway, and a there is an oncoming truck or car, but... in just a split second what could happen if a tire as we've already described let go. What could be the possible outcome? If you're unlucky, it could cause a serious accident.

I think you've got the picture

So then, what causes a tire's side wall to fail? Most of the time it is running the tire seriously under inflated. We're not talking about a couple of pounds of pressure low, but low enough for the tire to begin to flatten out on the road and cause the side walls of the tire to bulge.

It's the bulging that causes the problem, because it makes the sidewall flex back and forward between "normal at the top of the tire" and bulging at the bottom of the tire. That constant flexing back and forwards causes the rubber to over heat and breakdown the tire strength. The belting begins to break dpwn, and you get NO WARNING AT ALL that the tire about to go completely flat.

How to reduce tire failure

A simple (yet extremely important) walk around your car once every morning with a visual check of your tires could save a serious accident. In fact, you might even spot something else you needed to know about, like a new dent or bird poop that needs removing.

Side point A relatively inexpensive tool to keep in your glove box and one that could very well save your life is a simple tire pressure gauge. You can find them at most auto parts shops and gas stations.

Remember that a simple and quick walh around your car every morning could pay off handsomely. And, as they say, knowledge is power. It's a simple routine you should try and put into practice. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding how to remove rust spots from cars.