How To Repair Rim & Wheel Dents

There's a new and growing business called Mobile Rim Repair, and it's springing up in city after city throughout the United States. By using the Internet people are now learning about this trade along with other training courses. and this is happening all over the country. This process of wheeel repair is a pretty straight forward and simple procedure. However, this type of mobile wheel repair business and service is mainly for cosmetic and/or surface scratches only.

Wheels and rims that are badly damaged, cracked or bent need to be taken to auto repair shop that is equipped with specialty equipment and tools that can fix or straighten broken rims. The most common damage you will get is curb rash, assorted scratches and scrapes, small grooves, surface peeling, hazed clear coat and assorted abrasions. Here's a breakdown of the process of repairing a damaged wheels and rims.

Common rim damage easily fixed

Most mechanics has their own tricks of the trade but in a majority of cases the vehicle needs to be jacked-up so that the wheel can spin freely or be removed. But before you start you will have to mask off the rim from the tire using 2" masking tape.

If you take the rim to a local mechanic's shop they will grind, sand and buff the imperfections on the rim until the surface is smooth and looks completely uniformed around the entire wheel.

Side point: Most auto parts stores sell special fillers you can be use to repair deep gauges and scrapes in a wheel rim.

You can also find these compounds online by simply Google the words such as rim repair, rim repair compound, etc. Another means is to use Bondo as this seems to work well. The compound is simply spread into the area that needs to be repaired, then let dried and sanded.

Use 150 grade sandpaper

Use 150 grade sandpaper and work your way down to 500 grade. Just a word of caution though, make sure that you don't develope any air bubbles in the compound or Bondo itself, or you will have to repeat the entire procedure over again.

After you have completed the sanding process you will need to apply a finish coat of primer. Next apply the matched paint and allow sufficient time for it to dry. The final step is to apply clear coat finish.

Side point:Always apply it in thin even coats until the area (and/or the entire rim) has been evenly covered. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding how to repair scratched glass.