How to Repair Scratched Glass

Here's a simple but effective way to repair scratched glass by yourself. The Clear-Coated Nail Polish Technique.

This simple method of repairing scatched glass is cheap, quick and easy, and generally works best for small scratches.

Clear-coated nail polish

All you need to do is get hold of some clear-coated nail polish. Just ask your wife or girlfriend because they usually have some handy in their at home, in their purse, etc.

But if you don't have a lady friend, your other or sister that you can ask to use a small amount of their nail polish, then simply go to a local drug store and buy a small bottle.

It's handy and you can leave it in your glovebox. Okay, once you get hold of some nail polish simply apply it to the scratch.

Side point: Don't be too generous with it, but don't be scared of it either. Apply a good amount on the glass. Then allow sufficient time for it to dry.

Once it dried, remove all excess nail polish with a small amount of nail polish remover! You will be pleasantly surprised at just how well it works to repair scratched glass that's too severely scratched.

Side point: If you find that it hasn't worked too well the first time, you may need to apply a second coat and that usually does the trick!

Invisible to the naked eye

After applying a second coat of nail polish (if needed) the scratch will appear almost invisible.

This is because of the nail polish creating fine layers and fills the previously worn-down areas of the glass. This filling effect using simple nail polish makes it so that the scratch is almost invisible to the naked eye.

However, sometimes the glass may be too deeply scratched and this will require other measures.

If this does happen it's time to get a professional involved. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding how to tune carburetors.