How to Upgrade Your Car Wheels

Generally speaking, wheels, rims and tires are pretty simple.

It doesn't take much to work out that a car make, model and year generally requires one size as far as the wheels go. But the type of tires you place on those wheels really has to do more with personal preference than anything else.

There's lots of options these days when it comes to wheels. You can upgrade from old steel wheels with plastic covers, to aluminum or chrome plated wheels (a.ka. "Rims") It's really a matter of how you would like your vehicle to look.

Wheels can make a fashion statement

There are hundreds of styles and fashions you can choose from. Most Tire and Wheel Centers carry a complete catalog you can browse through and pick the wheels that you like the most.

Side point: It is possible to also find wheel catalogs online that will give you at least some sort of an idea of what you would like to put on your car, truck or 4X4.

There is also the option of choosing painted wheels or "rims". In most cases this is for a more rugged or rough look. You can have practically any wheel painted in just about any color you like. This is also highly popular if you have your brake calipers painted as well.

This pretty much applies to tires as well. There are plenty of choices you can make. There are extra big tires, slim tires, extra wide tires, monster truck wheels and lots more. The possibilities are almost endless these days.

Choose the style of wheel and tire

But if you still can't decide on what style of wheel and tire you like consider going with a more practical approach.

What's the normal weather patterns in your town. Does it rain a lot? Then perhaps a good choice would be a set of wheels that give the car more traction. But if you live in an area where the weather constantly changes, perhaps an all-Terrain or all-Weather set of wheels and tires would suit you the best.

No matter what approach you wish to take, upgrading your wheels and tires is usually a lot of fun and a great way to spruce up your car plus, give it an all around better ride. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding list of top ten tire gauges.