List of Top 10 Tire Gauges

If you're looking to buy a handy tire guage and make sure your tires are properly monitored then you there are several cheap tire gauges on the market. But if you're looking for the most accurate, and for a tire guage that has got the best ratings from their users, be sure to look at these top 10 listed below!

Moroso 89560

This tire gauge has received excellent ratings from its users, has a great and affordable price, and definitely gets the job done! It has a 0-60 psi inflation, a 2-5/8" diameter dial face, and a 15-1/2" hose with a finger operated air-bleed valve to deflate tires.

Accutire MS-4350B

This tire gauge is programmable to allow recording of factory-recommended tire pressure for both front and rear tires, it reads 5-99 PSI in 0.5 pound units, has an extra large, blue, backlit LCD screen for easy viewing, features an ergonomic "easy grip" shape, and comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty!

Accutire MS - 4021B

This has a heavy duty construction and rugged design for long lasting use, an angled head and rubber coated handle for easy gripping, and a large, easy-to-read LCD display. Also, it is equipped with an automatic shut off to prevent deflation.

Accutire MS - 4751WC

This tire gauge has a white LED flashlight tip, blue backlit display, and beep verification for easy reading, a 5-99 PSI, the accuracy is +/- 1% + 0.1 PSI and it also comes with a storage pouch for your convenience.

Accutire MS - 5510B

This tire gauge is known to be the most accurate tire gauge available, it reads tire pressures from 0-60PSI in 01 increments, and its quick disconnect insures a positive attachment. Also, it has an easy to read blue back-lit display, and the bleed valve drops tire pressure to desired pressure.

Heavy Duty Tire Gauge

This precision tire gauge measures pressure from 10 to 160 PSI, with 2 lbs increments, and features with a 2" dial display, easy to read measurements. Also, this gauge constructed with bronze bourdon, accurately measures tire pressure in all conditions!

Campbell Hausfeld

This tire gauge has an inflation gun, chuck, and gauge all combined in one easy to use unit. It's clip-on design enables hands-free chuck use, it has a built-in relief valve for reducing pressure in over-inflated tires, includes a flexible hose for easier use, and its gauge has range of 10-140 psi!


This tire gauge is great because it has accurate readings, is easy to use, and is a great price! Also, it is not affected by temperature, humidity or altitude, and has a push button bleeder valve.

Pistol-Grip Tire Gauge

This is a great tire inflator, for a great price! It has a natural pistol-grip with a large trigger, a push-button bleeder valve that allows exact adjustments 10 - 175 PSI range, and has an over-sized gauge that is easier to read for more accurate inflation levels.

MS- 4020GB

This tire gauge has an angled head and LCD display to make the reading easy, a heavy duty digital gauge that reads 5 to 150 psi in 1/2-pound increments, and runs off a permanent Lifetime Lithium battery that automatically shuts on/off. It also has a rubber-coated handle that provides a comfortable grip, and it has a 5 year warranty. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding odd reasons your car overheats.