Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a common method of repairing minor dents in a vehicle body. Usually most small dents are acquired from parking at a shopping mall. Or, by some minor accident which unfortunately involves your car. So, can all dents be fixed? It all depends on the type of impact relating to the dent.

Large dents in most cases cannot be repaired by PDR (a.k.a, Paintless Dent Repair) alone but are generally fixed by a complete replacement of that part of the vehicle. However, paintless dent repairs is an easy and convenient type of repair service because the dent doesn't take long to fix. It's done as a mobile repair service usually by many car repair companies. This is a method whereby the dent is pushed back in place by the use of specialized tools. Glues or screws are also used outside the dent surface to pull the dent outward and return it to its original position. The surface is then carefully smoothened out. Flaws are also carefully removed to make the area look as if it was never dented in the first place.

Steel or aluminum type of panel

Paintless dent repair is the best method compared to the more traditional dent repair. It's done fast and is usually very cost effective because dents are repaired manually and carefully so repainting of the area will no longer be needed. This is the reason why it is usually done as a mobile dent repair service.

To repair a dent without the need of repaint, it is done section by section in a careful manner to avoid scratching or gouging the surface of the dented area. This helps to avoid any of the paint chipping away. Only skilled professional dent repair technicians can do this type of job because of their specialized training.

Oftentimes this job is tried at home by an owner using step by step manual or guides, but can lead to a much bigger problem and repair.

Although the availability of many dent repair tools are readily available in auto parts stores, some specialized tool may only be found in dent repair centers. It is always best to bring your car to a repair center for an evaluation and quotation on the damages. Car repair specialist can provide a written quote on the damage to your car.

Repair dents without excessive costs

However, repair centers are often costly so to repair dents without the excessive costs (and still get the same quality of service) is to hire the services of mobile dent repair companies. Best of all, there's no need to bring your car and leave it for several days in a repair shop because mobile repair companies come to you.

In most cases the repair can be done in less than an hour and depending on the extent of damage. In conclusion, it's quicker and in most cases much cheaper to let a mobile dent repair company fix your vehicle dents. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding problems with carburetor fuel filters.