Carburetor Fuel Filters

As we've discussed in a previous article a carburetor is to ensure the correct mixture of air and fuel flow in the engine. The carburetor is designed to deliver the correct amount of fuel to keep the fuel and air mixture in the proper range. If this function fails in any way, then the engine will not work properly.

Even if the carburetor does work it'll have trouble sooner than expected and in return, the engine performance will sharply decrease at a significant level. The carburetor will need to perform well in order to work well in varied temperatures including the temperature needed for acceleration, both cold or hot starting, at idle, slow running, or simply cruising at part throttle.

Modern carburetor's perform the above functions properly even with... low rates of exhaust emission. This avoids uneven burning of the fuel. The carburetor requires certain parts to function correctly and to provide the services necessary to make a car engine perform at its peak. One of which is the Carburetor Fuel Filter.

What does a carburetor fuel filter do?

The carburetor fuel filter is designed to clean the fuel that enters both the carburetor and the engine. This special filter will ensure that the fuel which enters the carburetor is free of sediments, residue, varnishes, sludge, and other destructive contaminants.

In addition, possible particles that may be found in the fuel (which the filter needs to pick up) are paints chips and dirt which may enter the fuel tank while filling. "Rust is another of the contaminates that can also build up in the fuel tank!" This may contaminate the fuel and if this happens, the engine may not work properly. To avoid all of this, your carburetor fuel filter needs to be functioning at its best.

Make fuel filters work properly

Fuel filters especially the carburetor fuel filters do require some regular servicing. This maintenance is done by disconnecting the filter and replacing it with a new one. There are now fuel filter designed to be reusable and may be cleaned. Regularly replacing or cleaning the fuel filter will ensure that the fuel flow will not cause drop of engine performance because of the entry of contaminants in your fuel.

One fuel filter is located on the very top of the carburetor. It's a mesh-type fuel filter. And washing it with a clean gasoline will rid the dirt from the fuel filter. Also, it's a good idea to check the sediments before reinstalling your fuel filter.

Two types of fuel filters

The 2nd fuel filter is located right inside the fuel tank. You'll be able to see it if you carefully unscrew the top of the fuel tank. You may need to replace this fuel filter regularly as well. Your carburetor is an essential part of your engine. To make sure that the engine perform at its peak, it's crucial that parts of the engine (including the carburetor) and the even the fuel filter are regularly maintained so that they work properly. Have all of these parts kept clean and working well, and your automobile will also work to serve you better. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding problems you can detect by their odor.