Car Air Conditioners Proper Charge

The one main problem that may cause poor air conditioning service is that the condenser may not be properly cooling the high pressure gas and that may not even be an air conditioning system problem but an engine fan clutch or an electrical fan problem.

Any motor vehicle will either have a mechanical fan (that is attached to the engine) or it will have an electric fan that is controlled by relays and the computer. So, if the electric fans don't work or the fan clutch is malfunctioning to where it is not drawing enough air through the condenser you will get poor air conditioning performance.

Check the guage PSI reading

If and when this does occur, you're going to have a high side reading of beyond the specs. Where it will normally be around 300 psi, you may get 400 psi on the readings on the gages, on the high side. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding signs of a non working car alternator.