Reasons Why Cars Won't Start

Here is your list to start with:

1. Battery and connections.

2. Getting spark to all cylinders.

3. Plenty of fuel.

4. Engine compression

Each of these 4 categories has a rather large list of contributing factors You must be organized when you start troubleshooting. Focus on one problem area until it can be fixed or eliminated. Then finalize it before you go on to the next.

Chech the electrical connector

Some of the reasons a car won't start can be traced to electrical connections. Electical wires and battery terminals gather dust and corrosion and this interferes with the electrical charge strength. The first thing to check is the car battery terminals. But always remember to remove the cable, the clean it along with the cable connectors. Coating the terminal with grease or some sort of corrosion resistant application works well. Important: Be careful you don't ground your socket or wrench to the car body when you remove the cable. Go ahead and reinstall the connection and try to start your car again. Typically if you have no starting sound at all, it is most likely is the electrical connection. A dead battery will grind or click slowly. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding the truth on reconditioned batteries.