When To Change a Car Battery?

One of the major and vital components of your car is the battery. Imagine just how your car would start if it had NO battery. In fact, your car wouldn't start without a battery, and this simply goes to illustrate just how crucial this part is. It's your vehicle's main power source.

Your vehicle's battery main function is to supply electric energy to your starter motor as well as the ignition system. These 2 parts are located in your vehicle's engine. However, the life of a motor vehicle battery does not last that long. If you do purchase a quality one, you may be able to have it for up to sixty months. But only if you use and maintain it properly. Otherwise, you may only be able to use it for less than that amount of time. If you do have a battery that's not functioning anymore, then obviously it's time to replace it. It ONLY takes a couple of steps. Something you can do yourself at home.

Car batteries have corrosive elements

A car battery has corrosive elements which could be harmful (both to you and your car) so it pays to be careful when changing your car battery on your own. You car battery is locating under the hood but in some cars especially in European cars it's often found in the trunk.

Go ahead and detach the negative battery cable (the black cable) from the battery. But make sure that you should first loosen the nut using a combination wrench. After doing such, twist it and pull up on the end of the cable with your hand. If your battery has been sitting there for some time, then you might need to apply greater force and pry the cable end loose using a screwdriver. Do the same steps in removing the positive cable which is the red one.

Remove the battery hold-down clamp with the help of a combination wrench. You can also use a socket and a ratchet for this task. Then, your battery should be loose by this time so you can now take it out of the tray. Be sure to grab them firmly from the bottom for they can be quite heavy.

When the battery has been removed, check the battery tray and hold-down clamp. If there are any signs of corrosion and dirt, clean them up first before proceding further. You can use water as well as a wire brush to make it clean.

Clean the battery cable connectors

Once everything is cleaned thoroughly, it's time to put install the new battery. Put the new one in the tray and secure using the clamp. Attach and tighten both battery cables, and make certain that you attach the positive ends first followed by the negative ones. Before putting down the hood (or trunk lid if its a European car), check and see if all the connections are tight. Remember, loose connections will equate to your automobile not starting. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding when to replace your car brake pads.